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Simton products including soft-switch server IPX S6300 for service platform, Simton IP PBX for business customers, VoIP gateways for residential customers, GSM gateway for wireless calling cards, Billing and account systems, can be selected to form different type of voice service provider network. Using Simton products with minimal investment, you can easily set up a voice service business of your desired model.

The following diagram shows a typical VoIP service provider network using Simton products. You may need VoIP trunks from VoIP whole sale providers, or you can also get some E1 trunks from local telephone companies.

You can have business customers, residential customers, Internet Café, and calling card customers. They can make long distance and international calls through your VoIP service network. You can assign each customer a prepay account or post pay account and customer can manage his own account using VoIP service web portal. Simton soft switch has powerful call routing capability to route incoming or outgoing calls by selecting the best and the least expensive voice path.

The devices in VoIP service network can be in different countries to provide local customer the voice service. All communication between Simton products is encrypted and highly secured. Therefore no middle man would be able to neither intercept calls nor block calls.

For business customers and residential customers, you can provide them normal telephone numbers from one or multiple countries so that they can receive incoming calls.

The billing server can have different rate plans for different customer groups. The flexibility of billing system allows the VoIP service provider to expand their service to different countries at the same time and to maximize his profit margin. Using Simton products to build a voice service network, you will have quick return of investment.

If you are an Internet telephony service provider already, Simton IPX as customer premises equipments could help your existing VoIP platform to business customers in the region that blocks voice traffic over IP networks.