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A government department usually has headquarter and many regional offices. For example, a ministry of foreign affairs is in the capital of a country and many embassies in other countries. Another example, police department can have main office a provincial capital and many local offices in counties, cities and townships of the province. The departments of taxation, transportation, labor, and immigration often have similar organization structure.

Each government department with many branch offices is in fact a standalone organization, under one management hierarchy and for the same mission. The secured communication within entire organization is crucial to the government. Traditionally, government department uses specially made telephone sets which can scramble voice signals for secured telephone calls between offices, uses separated network for data file sharing. At the same time, the government offices need separate telephone and voice network for to making phone calls to outside public. As result, each government office has multiple telephones and multiple PC’s, which double the cost, cause inconvenience and confusions.

The solution using Simton systems allows each government office to use only one telephone and one PC for secured voice and data communication internally and unsecured communications externally.

At each government site, including headquarters and branch offices, a Simton IPX has a connection to local public telephone network (PSTN) and an Internet connection through local service provider. A Simton IPX supports many phone extensions and PC’s, one telephone and one PC for each government employee. The Simton IPX systems at different sites have peer relationships over the public Internet or over PSTN when Internet is not available at the location. A government employee can dial internal short numbers to reach his coworkers at any other locations and can access shared data server in headquarter.

Simton IPX has an open security API. A government department can follow Simton’s development guide to write its own encryption algorithm. Once the customized security module is loaded into Simton IPX by the organization’s IT personal, the Simton IPX based communication network becomes the organization’s own unique secured communication network. The customized security module can use up to 128 bit dynamic keys that are managed by security management server within the organization.

For every inter office phone call, if it is set up over Internet, the VoIP packets are encrypted; if the phone call is set up over PSTN, the voice signal will be packetized, encrypted, and transmitted over PSTN lines. The customized security module is used and the security level is much higher than traditional voice scrambling.

Simton IPX has intelligent call routing capability. Based on the dialed destination, Simton IPX can determine if the voice security should be used and it will give caller an indication of security. When calling to the outside of organization, Simton IPX knows the best way to reach the destination including using local PSTN, Internet, or remote IPX systems.

In summary, customized security communication network using Simton IPX provides simpler, much secured, and easy to use network across government offices in different locations even in different countries.