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A manufacturing site usually consists of onsite offices and large buildings with some production lines. Managers on duty and workers on production lines often move around within the facilities. Office may need to broadcast to some parts or entire facilities for special announcements. People moving around should be reachable any time by using internal communication system, not public mobile phone services.


The manufacture site just needs one Simton IPX system of proper model based on the size the site. Simton IPX is hybrid IP PBX supporting WiFi IP Phones and wire-line VoIP paging devices such as loud Simton IP speaker. Each manager or worker who needs an internal phone extension can have a WiFi IP phone. Even when he moves around, the extension in his pocket will be reachable all the time. When he walks out the site, he uses the WiFi phone as normal GSM or CDMA wireless phone. At the proper spots on the site, some Simton IP speakers can be installed. Announcements can be broadcast through the loud speakers. They can be used as paging device also.


Since WiFi is available in the manufacture site, IP devices can be very easily installed anywhere on site. Deploying and managing WiFi IP phones is a simple task. Network changes and expansions are also simple. Comparing to traditional voice network for manufacture site, initial investment and maintenance cost could be smaller. Moreover, IP network could an extra benefit for the site.