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International trading companies usually has some designated supplies and stable customers that might be some resellers. The supplies or resellers are often in different countries. International phone calls and fax transmission could be a big part of operation cost to trading companies. Trading companies desire some low cost communication between trading company offices and their oversea partners’ offices. Further it would be nice if phone calls to outside of partner’s offices can have much lower cost than normal international calls.


A trading company can configure a VoIP service line on its Simton IPX. If VoIP service is not available locally, such service can be obtained VoIP service provider of other country or from The rates of international calls from VoIP service providers are significantly lower than traditional telephone companies. VoIP service lines can help a trading company to reach anywhere in the world.

It would be even better if the trading company can place an IPX in its partner’s country and even at his partner’s office, as in the following diagram.

The phone calls and fax between the trading company and its partners are completely free. If a PSTN line in remote country can assigned on the IPX and dedicated to trading company, any one in that country can call the local number to reach the trading company. By binding mobile phone numbers to the IPX in each office, calling an internal short number will remote reach mobile phones directly. If proper call routing policy is configured, international calls to the countries where partner reside in become local calls within those countries.


The trading company can keep close relationship with its partners, which will help to promote business. There will be no cost for phone calls between the trading company and its partners. At any time, mobile phones can be reached with only local cost. The fax between offices has no cost. Using a few digit short numbers, partners can reached each other. If the trading company get a local PSTN phone number in a country where it has many businesses, the trading company can virtually have an office in that country.