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Simton IPX and associated communication devices are not only reliable and powerful, but also very flexible to offer different network solutions to meet the demanding voice and data communication requirements. To propose the best solution to meet your requirements, Simton professional service team kindly asks you to provide accurate information in your following specification.

Contact Information

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The Project

General Description:
Main Objectives:
Number of Sites:

Site Description: Site [   1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10  ]

Site Name: *
Number of Users:  Total: (including Executives: Managers: Normal Users: ) *
Internet Accesses methods:
(1) ADSL (2) Direct Ethernet Line
PPPoA Static Public Address
PPPoE Dynamic IP Address
Number of Service Lines Number of Service Lines
(3) TV Cable Network (4) Others
Static Public Address
Dynamic IP Address
Number of Service Lines
Internet Link Bandwidth
(1) Bandwidth Specified by Service Provider: Down Link kbps, Up Link kbps
(2) Actual Measured Bandwidth: Down Link kbps, Up Link kbps
PSTN Accesses:
(1) Number of E1 Trunks:
(2) Number of T1 trunks:
(3) Number of PSTN Lines:
Existing PABX or Key Systems
(1) Brand Name and Model:
(2) Number of Users on the PABX:
(3) What to Do with the PABX: Integrate into IPX Obsolete Leave it Alone
Required Services:
Auto Attendant Call ID
Ring Back Music Call Forwarding, Call Transfer
Call Waiting, Call Holding, Call Parking 3-Way Calls
Fax over IP Polarity Reversal on Analog Lines
Group (Simultaneous) Ring Voice Mail, voice Email
Customizable IVR (Interactive Voice Response) ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)
Live Voice Monitoring and Recording Scheduled Alarms
Call Logs Billing and Accounting Service
Calling Card Service    

Other Special Requirements

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Simton professional service team will contact you within five working days after your specification of requirement is received.