SIMTON Integrated Communication Platform
   Simton Integrated Communication Platform
Simton IPX PBX Family
   IPX Feature Summary
   IPX P200
   IPX Office
   IPX H500
   IPX H600
   IPX B1000
   IPX E3000
Simton Softphones
   IPF F30 for iOS
   IPF F25 for Android
   IPF F20 for Windows
   IPF F12 for Windows
Simton IP Phones
   IP Phone - T802,T802P
   IP Phone - T803,T803P
   IP Phone - T804,T804P
   IP Phone - T860P
Simton Video Phone
   Video Phone-VP2009
   Video Phone-VP530
Simton IPG Gateways
   IPG G80
   IPX S6000
Simton Servers
   Simton Billing Server
   Simton Recording Server
   Simton Audio Conference
Simton Integrated Communication Platform

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     Today’s world is unpredictable and in constant fluctuation. As such, the Simton Integrated Communication Platform (ICP) is designed for peace-time well-being and security, as well as emergency situation recovery. The platform uses IP data networking, cloud computing, traditional telephony, 2G/3G/4G wireless, radio group intercom, satellite data and satellite positioning, and broadband Internet technology, to provide communication capabilities used both for peace time security and for emergency disaster response.

Features of the Simton ICP include:
•  Legal voice tapping
•  Video surveillance detection
•  Movement tracking
•  Logging of text/picture/video
•  Audio and video conferencing/broadcasting
•  Real-time video intercom
•  Remote video editing and forwarding
•  Multimedia command distribution and execution

     Whether to conduct anti-terrorism, public security law enforcement, or fire rescue and relief; or to monitor water conservation, sea-port or offshore fishing, oil exploration and mining, or large-scale construction projects, the Simton ICP is open and flexible enough to provide public security, enhance people's well-being, and improve enterprise efficiency.

Platform Highlights

All Media Communication
The Simton ICP integrates traditional telephony, short wave radio, 3G/4G wireless, GPS/Beidou, CCTV surveillance and broadband Internet technologies to provide text, voice, images/pictures, video, conference/broadcast, GIS position trajectory, and other integrated remote commanding and dispatching services.

Multi-Screen Correlation
TV wall screen matrices, touch screen consoles, or even smart phones or tablet screens, can all be used to access a fluid user interface to easily and efficiently handle of complex situations.

Multi-console Cooperation
Any console can be a command center console, a mobile command vehicle console, or a mobile notebook (tablet) console. Without installing any specific client software, any terminal that can run a web browser can be an ICP console. Multiple consoles representing different teams can deal with separate tasks concurrently and also can cooperatively work on the same task.

Multi-Maps Engine
Simton ICP supports mainstream GIS online map services such as Gaode maps, Google maps, and Tianditu maps. Independent offline map service without an Internet connection is also provided in the ICP, suitable for a customized private network environment.

Open Platform
The core of Simton ICP platform is an integrated service engine, which can be built either in a private network or in the public cloud space. The platform supports SMS, fax, WeChat, Facebook, maps, video, and other common services. The platform also supports voice gateway, radio wave station, sound mixer, video surveillance, etc. The platform provides an open API/SDK for seamless integration with third-party systems.

Key Features

Voice Conference
Multiple conference rooms can be configured and reserved. A voice conference can be temporarily initiated or started using a previously configured and reserved room. During a meeting, a mediator learns the status of every participant, can open or mute an individual’s speech, invite newcomers, or drop participants.

Voice Broadcasting
The console can send voice to all selected receivers, including telephones, mobile phones, speakers, and other audio equipments. The voice source can be live, pre-recorded, or text-to-speech. During a broadcast, the voice source can be switched back and forth easily.

Voice Recording
The ICP platform automatically records and backs up all conversations, conferences, and broadcasts. The recorded files are associated with each activity for event backtracking and activity reporting.

User Device Status
The status of every managed target (eg. online/offline, busy/idle, off-hook/ringing, in conversation, etc.) is graphically resented in the console. By clicking on a target, a user can see detail information, its current surrounding environment in video form, and its movement on the map.

Remote User Device Control
Combined with device status monitoring, a console can remotely control managed targets, such as: tapping a call, monitoring the progress of conversation, inserting voice/talking pieces, forcing a call to drop, controlling the steering of a linked PTZ camera, or even turning on alarms or closing doors.

Group SMS
The ICP platform uses both GSM and CDMA for group SMS messaging. If the SMS is confirmed to be sent successfully, it is marked. Otherwise the message will be auto resent to those failed before.

Office Document to Fax
Government notes, legal papers, business contracts, military orders, and other signed documents still sometimes need to be sent by fax. The ICP fax facility directly accepts Word, Excel, PDF and other electronic documents. The sender can simply click and drop to bulk send to pre-selected targets. All fax documents, sent and received, can be tracked, reviewed, and redirected.

Mobile APP Integration
The ICP consoles can interact with mobile apps such as WeChat and Facebook. Text, voice, picture, video, and GPS position can all be collected and distributed between consoles and mobile devices.

Beidou Short Text
When common communication means are unavailable, the command center can use Beidou-specific short message capabilities to interact with targets in extremely harsh environments, to get location info, status reports, and other coded data. The center then sends rescue commands using the same capability.

 Tag and Track on Map
On the supported online or offline map, managed targets can be marked and tracked. The target device that reports GPS/Beidou coordinates can be tracked. The maps can be zoomed in and out, as well as shifted. The activity tracker of individuals at specific periods of time is recorded and can be retrieved.

Command on Map
On the GIS map, individual targets or a group of targets can be selected based on a specific location, street, block, or geometric circle. Cameras, speakers, phones, and other devices associated with the selected targets can be used for monitoring, conference, broadcasting, or other emergency activities.

Video Surveillance and Forwarding
The ICP platform supports all major manufacturers of video surveillance systems that are compatible with international standards. The command center can select any live video to show and to combine together for forwarding to different consoles or to a video conference session.

Video Detection
The ICP platform can used associated video surveillance to detect certain activities, and trigger alarms, auto-play videos, trigger tapping and recording, broadcast messages, and perform other desired security actions. The feature can be used to achieve community safety, industrial security, or frontier protection of a country.

Fighter Equipped with Multi Media Device
All live video, text, and pictures from soldiers, fire fighter, or policemen can be presented simultaneously on a large console screen. The leader can communicate by voice or video conversation with one or more remote field agents. Multiple leaders with different consoles can also join the communication channel.

Join a Video Conference
The ICP can work with any existing standard video conference system seamlessly. Video surveillance scenes, desktop video phones, mobile video devices, voice devices, and ICP managed targets, can all be linked to 3rd party video conferences through the ICP platform.

Emergency Plan
The user-friendly editing tool of the ICP is used for programming emergency plans. Once an urgent matter occurs and the pre-conditions of a plan are met, the plan will be executed automatically or semi-automatically with human interaction. The platform executes the plan to perform each embedded task such as issuing alarms, sending emergency mass notification, etc. The platform keeps the records of plan executions.

Development Interface
The ICP platform includes a variety of complex technologies, but offers abstracted and easy-to-use development interfaces in the form of APIs and SDKs. The standard HTTP based interface supports mainstream Java/PHP, HTML5 Web Sockets, Android/iOS applications, as well as Windows, Linux, and other desktop applications.


Open Platform