SIMTON Integrated Communication Platform
   Simton Integrated Communication Platform
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   IP Phone - T860P
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   Video Phone-VP2009
   Video Phone-VP530
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   IPG G80
   IPX S6000
Simton Servers
   Simton Billing Server
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   Simton Audio Conference
Simton Recording Server

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The Simton IPF R40 is a voice recording server running on Windows. It can record voice calls occurred and completed at one or multiple Simton IPX systems. The server maintains a database of recorded voice pieces for retrieval, playing back or forwarding.


Feature Highlights

Qualified voice calls in Simton IPX systems with enterprise network can be recorded to the recording server.  The recording server can take maximum 64 simultaneous calls per Simton IPX. Each recording server can support multiple Simton IPX at the same time.
User can search and retrieve certain recorded voice pieces based on caller id, called number, date or time of the call, etc. User can play back any recorded voice pieces, export selected group of voices into PC files in WAV format, play back online, or forward using emails.