SIMTON Integrated Communication Platform
   Simton Integrated Communication Platform
Simton IPX PBX Family
   IPX Feature Summary
   IPX P200
   IPX Office
   IPX H500
   IPX H600
   IPX B1000
   IPX E3000
Simton Softphones
   IPF F30 for iOS
   IPF F25 for Android
   IPF F20 for Windows
   IPF F12 for Windows
Simton IP Phones
   IP Phone - T802,T802P
   IP Phone - T803,T803P
   IP Phone - T804,T804P
   IP Phone - T860P
Simton Video Phone
   Video Phone-VP2009
   Video Phone-VP530
Simton IPG Gateways
   IPG G80
   IPX S6000
Simton Servers
   Simton Billing Server
   Simton Recording Server
   Simton Audio Conference
IPX Feature Summary

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Hybrid IP PBX — Supporting both Analog and IP
Variability of IPX — Offering Flexible and Scalable VoIP Solutions
Reliability and Performance — Ensuring High Quality Business Communications
Common PBX Features — Beyond Legacy PBX
Voice Intranet — Connecting Remote Sites for a Wide Area PBX
Partition of Voice Network — Separated Resource Management and Control
Advanced Call Routing — Selecting the Best Path with Intelligence
Resource Sharing and Calling Card Applications — Managing External Callers
Accounting and Billing System — Qualifying Next Call and Billing It
Voice Mail and Voice Email — Unifying Voice and Data Services
Customizable IVR — Defining User Experience with any Language
Automatic Call Distribution — Making Call Center Easier
Call Recording — Saving Phone Conversations into Database
FAX over IP Network — Transmitting Legacy FAX over Internet
VoIP Gateway — Bridging PSTN to IP Network
Interwork with Legacy PBX — Keeping Old Investment
Access Router — Connecting LAN PC to the Internet
VPN Tunnels — Building Secured Data VPN
Remote System Management — Configuring and Monitoring IPX over the Internet
Standards Conformance — Supporting ITU, IEEE, IETF Protocols and Other Standards