SIMTON Integrated Communication Platform
   Simton Integrated Communication Platform
Simton IPX PBX Family
   IPX Feature Summary
   IPX P200
   IPX Office
   IPX H500
   IPX H600
   IPX B1000
   IPX E3000
Simton Softphones
   IPF F30 for iOS
   IPF F25 for Android
   IPF F20 for Windows
   IPF F12 for Windows
Simton IP Phones
   IP Phone - T802,T802P
   IP Phone - T803,T803P
   IP Phone - T804,T804P
   IP Phone - T860P
Simton Video Phone
   Video Phone-VP2009
   Video Phone-VP530
Simton IPG Gateways
   IPG G80
   IPX S6000
Simton Servers
   Simton Billing Server
   Simton Recording Server
   Simton Audio Conference
IPX S6000

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Product Description
Simton IPX S6000 is an E1/T1 VoIP gateway supporting ISDN PRI protocol on the E1/T1 ports and SIP protocol on the fast Ethernet ports. Simton IPX S6000 allows Simton IPX and Simton IPX based voice network to access local PSTN through E1/T1 trunks and allows legacy digital PBX systems to be part of VoIP networks. In addition to its gateway capabilities, the S6000 can be a server to form large scale IPX voice intranet. It has advanced VoIP routing capabilities to inter-connect different voice networks.

Key Features
E1/T1 Gateway
The IPX S6000 suuports 1, 2, or 4 E1/T1 ports that run ISDN PRI or SS7 protocol. As a VoIP Gateway, the IPX S6000 connect an enterprise VoIP network to local PSTN through E1 service from the local phone company. When 4 E1 ports are used, 120 concurrent calls can be terminated to a local PSTN.
VoIP Router
The IPX S6000supports VoIP lines, VoIP trunks, T1/E1 trunks. Calls can be forwarded from any network to any other network through an intelligent call routing policy. The combination of source routing and policy based routing, source and destination number manipulations make the S6000 a power enterprise level soft switch.
Server for IPX intranet
The IPX S6000 can be a central server to serve large number of IPX systems (P200, H600, B1000, E3000) in enterprise network. It will simplify the voice intranet configuration, deployment, and as well as network maintenance. Minimum 1024 IPX systems can be supported by an IPX S6000.
Corner Stone of ITSP
The IPX S6000 servers plus Simton billing server can together form a small ITSP platform, which can offer VoIP services to tens of thousands of end users. The two servers allows prepay and post-pay users to conveniently use VoIP services through intuitive web portals, from which users can check call details and recharge accounts.

Product Specification

Technical Spec.

IP Network

1 Ethernet (100BT/1000BT)

Digital Trunks

1, 2, 4 E1/T1




G.729a, G.711a, G.711u, G.723.1


Inband, RFC2833

Voice Capabilities

SC, Jitter Buffer, CNG

G.168EC (128ms)

>=1024 IPX registration

>=300 concurrent calls

RTP relay

NAT traversal

VoIP Encryption


Web based management

Physical Spec

Storage Temperature

-20?? ?? +70??

Workign temperature

0?? ?? +60??


10%??95% (non freezing)


100??240V AC, 50??60Hz,3??6A



Net Weight


Packaging Dimension


Packaging Weight