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Partnership Application

Simton welcomes potential business partners. Simton partnership program provides business partners the opportunities to share Simton technologies, products, and the growth of its business. If you become a Simton partner, you will be entitled with significant discount on Simton products and you will receive free training of Simton technologies and direct technical and sales supports from Simton.

The process of partnership program includes application, product trial, diligence validation, business evaluation, formal distributor/reseller agreement, quantity order, and quarterly review of performance. As the first step, you need to fill in and submit this partnership application.

Contact Info

Contact Name: *
Business Name: *
Address: *
Website: *
Email Address: *
MSN Id: *
Phone Numbers: Office *
                           Mobile *

Current Business

Description of Your Business:
Total Number of Staff: *
Number of IT Engineers: *
Revenue (Recent Fiscal Year): USD *

Partner Type

Sales and Service Region: *
Which one of the following type of partners are you applying for?
Regional Exclusive Partner (is a unique Simton representative in the region)
Normal Distributor (agrees to fulfill certain quantity of sales)
General Reseller (does not need to commit any sales volume)
ITSP Partner (has quantity order and requires direct supports)

Simton IPX Business

Brief Business Plan for Selling Simton Products:
Number of Sales Staff: *
Number of Technical Staff: *
Estimated Annual Revenue: USD *

Team Knowledge and Experience Info

Experience in Legacy PABX (Check All Applicable):
Many Years of Installation Experience
Configured Different Brands of PBX and Key Systems
Know Some Basics about PBX
Never Used Any Traditional PBX Before

Configuration and Maintenance of IP Router Including ADSL Router (Check All Applicable):
Many Customer Site Installations and Maintenance
Skillful in Many Brand Name IP Routers and Firewall
Only Used ADSL Router in One Office or Home
Has No Experience in Managing IP Routers

VoIP Knowledge (Check All Applicable):
Experienced in VoIP Software Development Before
Deployed VoIP Networks and Managed VoIP Systems
Read Some VoIP Technical Articles
Only Knows a Few VoIP Terminologies
Verification Code:   

Simton warranties the information you submitted will not be used for any purpose other than the partnership evaluation. You will be contacted by email within five working days.